On Wed, 15 May 2019 at 14:43, Aymeric Mansoux <aymeric@bleu255.com> wrote:

We are done with the audit!

So MFAD (ie FA + LB + XPUB) passed and we're good to go :)

I got extra personal cheers for XPUB, and they really lauded the
dedication and passion of everyone involved, students, alumni and staff,
and also the diversity and quality of all the works. They enjoyed the
discussion they had with everyone present and were impressed by the high
level of expertise and articulation of all of you.

In a few weeks, we will receive a full report with tons of fine-grained
remark and issues to address, and hopefully this will also be an
occasion for us to tackle the issue of resources that has been clearly
the main recurrent thing discussed in all the conversations.

Once again, congrats everyone :D

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