Composers reuse melodic material across different instruments. I would like to do that in Vivid. I would keep a sequence of values and send it sometimes to one parameter of one synth, sometimes to a different parameter of a different synth.

To do that I would have to coerce those numbers to values of type `I a`, where the string `a` is known only at runtime. I tried to write a function to do that:

    import GHC.TypeLits
    toIOf :: (Real n, GHC.TypeLits.KnownSymbol a) => String -> n -> I a
    toIOf "freq" n = toI n :: I "freq"
    toIOf "amp" n = toI n :: I "amp"

but it won't compile, because the outputs of `toIOf "freq"` and `toIOf "amp"` have different types.

Is this possible?

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