On Wed, 2019-02-13 at 18:15 +0100, K E N O wrote:
Dear HBSC guys and girls,

What kind of hardware are you using for your server projects? A computer or Raspi at home, colocation, cloud servers? Which companies do you prefer?
It’d be interesting to know, so we can list the good stuff in the wiki. :)

K E N O 

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I use a mix of Raspberry Pi's (10 of them) and a couple of Intel NUCs. This makes for about 60 watts to run
all my computing stuff. I use a carefully set up Raspberty Pi Zero W when I'm on the road - if you want to
read about the project, visit https://www.petergarner.net/notes/index.php?thisnote=20180202-Travels+with+a+Pi