hey all, i will join!

On 10/9/18 4:32 PM, Luis Rodil-Fernández wrote:
Hi all,

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it tonight. I had something in
my planning that I thought I could skip but unfortunately I cannot skip
it, so I will miss tonight's meeting.

I am still very interested in joining in and if you have questions
regarding any of my projects more than keen on taking those.

Enjoy tonight.



On 08/10/2018 11:34, Roel Roscam Abbing wrote:
Hi all,

On 10/7/18 1:38 PM, Luke Murphy wrote:
It may be interesting to compare with the ActivityPub protocol: I've
been reading about secure scuttlebutt protocol and tools. Scuttlebutt is
a 'a decent(ralised) secure gossip platform' and a protocol which is
based on 'per-feed' blockchain (sigh...) which is picking up more users
(and having more and more buzz from Mastodon users with the growing
tendency of realising that having Admins may not be ideal). See
I think what for me distinguishes Activitypub in relation to scuttlebut,
dat etc is that the techniques around activitypub based platforms are
centered around communities caring for each other.

That is likely to be more durable, inclusive and interesting longer term
than having again a model of the individualistic secure tech solution. I
mean, SSB comes from a culture of white dudes who can afford to live on
yachts and sail the pacific while they do remote coding work ;) Which
means that it is again a solution for those who can 'config their way
out' and it won't be something for the wider and diverse audiences one
can see frequenting the fediverse.

Sure people realize that there is an admin and their can be weird power
dynamics there, but that is a question of governance which I think again
the activitypub-based fediverse is making interesting steps towards
addressing through organizational infrastructures.. (hosting coop, coc,
privacy policy etc etc).

Having said that, I think ssb is quite exciting as a 'connectionless'
protocol and also close to some stuff I was experimenting with with
Dennis and Jan-Geert a few years back (https://github.com/jngrt/meshenger)

On the other hand, I'm more interested in seeing if ActivityPub can be
more offline-first. Why can ActivityPub not also have the same
properties that SSB provides? There has been some related discussion
about this over at https://octodon.social/@cwebber/100650503220747622.

I think people are only scratching the surface of what AP could do and I
think it would be nice to spend some club time getting a practical
understanding of the protocol and perhaps sharing some of that knowledge.

Also I think AP could and should get much weirder quick, most of the
things I see are 'the federated version of Big Company X'.

Related to the http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/ adventure, I saw you
were asking questions for how to build a comments system into it that
fits with the constraints. I wonder if this couldn't involve using some
offline-first form of ActivityPub as a pelican plugin?
One of the prototypes I'd like to build in order to learn some more
about AP is a generator that turns Pelican blog posts not only into RSS
but also into AP objects. That way posts can be read natively in AP
timelines and clients ;) So you can 'follow' a blog in that sense..

On 10/8/18 10:57 AM, Luis Rodil-Fernández wrote:>
I'm a big fan of Scuttlebutt and have been using it for over a year. At
some point it took up to 10Gb of space on my hdd, so you exchange
decentralized pixiedust for hard storage. Fans of decentralized tools
keep being told that it doesn't matter, that storage is cheap, but a
10Gb folder is the first to go when my drive is full.   :/
This is a good point, the externalities in terms of hosting these
applications are quite considerable. So that would also be a question
for the homebrewserver.club, which of these techniques are actually
homebrewable and which secretly depend on cloud infrastructure (like
mastodon does I'd say).


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