Greetings list -

Inspired by the great low powered server described on the lowtechmagazine website, I'm interested in setting up a home solar powered server for my personal website.  I set up a webserver on a raspberry pi and made an instructable about it long ago.

While I appreciate the need to accept some downtime, I wonder if folks on this list have thought about strategies for federating solar powered servers to share load? Up here in Denmark I have a great deal of daylight at the moment - maybe 18 hours or so. If I could mirror other small sites, and serve them when their hosts are low on batteries, I'd be happy to do it. And I could use the same sort of help when winter comes.

I wonder if anyone here has considered creating a solar-energy load balancing service. Members would get mirrorred in other member's locations, and report their remaining battery capacity / charging status to the balancer. The load balancer could then route requests to whoever has the most charge / active sunlight at the moment. Or perhaps there is a strategy that would use something like the bittorrent protocol to server websites?

Interesting in any thoughts you have. And thanks for making and sharing such excellent documentation!