I thought I'd share my solar powered website as it stands, along with the offer of any help I can give should anyone run into problems I might be able to help with.


* It uses an ina219 to measure the state of the battery (Thanks Roel!)
* I'm experimenting with changing the background image depending on the weather. I'm intrigued by the idea of physically situated servers tied to their place in space.

I have yet to tackle the data optimization or server customization and caching, and logging the power usage to look at trends / see if I can cope with a Danish winter (unlikely at this point). And I am proxying to my site on nearlyfreespeech.net when the pi is down. I'm rather attached to uptime at the moment as I am looking for new opportunities in the realm of playful learning and sustainability.

Thanks for to you all for making this list / club, and for your contributions to solar.lowtechmagazine.com and associated documentation - which I found to be really inspiring.