Well, whether you call it purpose, will, desire, drive or just genetic programs, it is a fact that living entities are moved by forces that come from inside themselves, as opposed to particles, rocks, galaxies, atoms, dead bodies, which are moved solely by forces outside themselves (the fundamental forces of the universe : gravity, electromagnetism, etc..)

Monod goes on to define his notion of purpose (which is not the long term conscious purpose of the american dream = earn more money ;), but rather a set of mainly unconscious forces from within that are the reason why living entities just don't stay still. I don't know if this is why you reject the word purpose as such…

I'm personally interested in this "desire to live", as a constructing force that creates a shape among a world of randomness, both outside randomness from the world, and inside randomness from the many whirling molecules inside us. A shape that is the being, a shape that creates a form of order in the universe, a kind of negentropy.

In many of my artworks, I approach this by creating programs that ostensibly desire.

But one could argue (and this is another discussion), that *any* program is a desiring machine. Something that *wants* from the inside. Even if it only wants what its programmer wants.



Le 18 juil. 2018 à 03:15, Jim Andrews <jim@vispo.com> a écrit :

I picked up a copy of Chance and Necessity by Jacques Monod from the library, Antoine. Not sure how far I'll get with it, though.

"Every artifact is a product made by a living being which  through it expresses, in a particularly conspicuous manner, one of the fundamental characteristics common to all living beings without exception: that of being  objects endowed with a purpose or project, which at the same time they exhibit in their structure and carry out through their performances (such as, for instance, the making of artifacts).

Rather than reject this idea (as certain biologists have tried to do) it is indispensable to recognize that it is essential to the very definition of living beings. We shall maintain that the latter are distinct from all other structures or systems present in the universe through this characteristic property, which we shall call teleonomy."

(page 9)

I think that the idea that living things have purposes is wrong.

I think I'm more interested in your ideas and work concerning chance/randomness/necessity than I am in Jacques Monod, Antoine.


On 7/13/2018 5:44 PM, Antoine Schmitt wrote:
I guess I have been quite influenced by Jacques Monod's book Chance and Necessity a long time ago.

So I use a lot of chance (randomness) in my artworks that deal with the strange movements of (artificial) living beings.. Both inside, and outside the beings.

Le 12 juil. 2018 à 19:41, Jim Andrews <jim@vispo.com> a écrit :

Very interesting poetical writing about what you do with randomness, Antoine. Am very interested to hear more about it.

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