Hi everyone, 

Yes the website is still active will be nice to point to the right manual :)
Andre, could you pass me the login of the wordpress (on private)? I used to have them somewhere but got lost with time.  

Also will be nice to include a small article about the current update (on the install part) and the recent publication of Varia called  Networks Of One's Own

Yoana, could you write a small paragraph or copy paste the interviews you ve conducted so far whenever you have some time. 


On Tue, Oct 29, 2019 at 8:21 AM Roel Roscam Abbing <lists@roelroscamabbing.nl> wrote:
Hi Andre,

The new manual lives here:

And can be built from here:

Also note that instead of images there is an install script:

If you update bibliotecha.info please point to manual.bibliotecha.info



On 10/28/19 9:40 PM, andre castro wrote:
> Alright familia!
> Thanks for the reply to the test.
> I made because I wanted to check with you what is the current situation
> with the bibliotecha documentation.
> Today I received an email from  a person who was trying to install
> bibliotecha and was struggle to use minibian - which hasn't seen any
> releases in past 2 years - and I think we all moved to raspbian lite
> (stable). Which was my suggestion to her and seemed to work.
> Now my questions:
> Is the current location of the documentation
> https://networksofonesown.varia.zone/Bibliotecha/index.html ?
> If so can we remove the gitlab wiki and place a  link to
> https://networksofonesown.varia.zone/Bibliotecha/index.html ?
> In the NOO documentation the Pre-installation section does not mention
> anything about sshing onto the Pi or how to enable ssh on Raspbian
> (which is not enabled by default)
> * wouldn't that addition be helpful for those unfamiliar with UNIX based
> systems?
> * how can the documentation be edited?
> How shall we best advertise the NOO Bibliotecha manual in
> bibliotecha.info? Is there an introductory text to NOO Bibliotecha
> manual that can be used?
> Sorry for the long row of question, but think it is important to unify
> all the information/documentation
> beijos
> a
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